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 Ten years of the classic NFL battle

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Ten years of the classic NFL battle  Empty
PostSubject: Ten years of the classic NFL battle    Ten years of the classic NFL battle  EmptyTue Sep 07, 2010 10:27 am

How time flies, blink of an eye the first decade of the 21st century is now over, look back to the NFL games over the past decade, the birth of so many classic memories, any NFLfan will have his mind top 10, the so-called benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom at least the following 10 games selected will be the first reaction you feel, woo, that's the game!

10-day Saints to return to the Super Dome Saints won 23 to 3 Falcon September 26, 2005

Do not dwell too much competition between themselves, but the atmosphere so that even watching the ball in front of the TV people who feel Xuemaibizhang, Saints back in the wake of Hurricane Katrina Superdome, the concept and spirit of its transmission beyond the meaning of American football. When the Saints were in the first quarter jumped to intercept the opponent's kick, by Kok Wei Deslodge advantage of the opportunity to complete up front, the countries are cheered.

9 Manning beat Brady rewrite the fate of 38 ponies more than 34 games in the Patriot January 21, 2007

Ones in the colt eventually before the 41st Super Bowl, they need it crossed the Patriots and Brady Road impregnable, had met Manning twice in the playoffs were lost by the Patriots go, but this time Manning stranglehold the fate of the throat, even though the Patriot left in the game 3 minutes 49 seconds to 34 than 31, also lead, but Manning's 80 yards long pass to help the classic pony comeback of 38 than 34, so that an AP final vs. peak is undoubtedly a milestone in the race over the past decade.

8 incredible fourth-and-26 Eagles 20 to 17 wins Packers on Jan. 11, 2004

Packers wonderful start, 14 to 0, everything seems smooth sailing, the Hawks are still people in the fourth quarter do not see hope, fouls, steals, and was not completed passes to enable them to attack in the fourth When there are 26 yards to push forward, but the same nerve knife Donovan - McNabb finally chemical reaction took place with Mitchell, Mitchell ran a strange route, to complete an incredible fourth-and-26, Hawks finally passed free throw to tie the game into extra time to finally seal the victory in overtime eagle.

7 Jerome Bettis off the ball, Big Run out of steel more than 18 wins with 21 ponies January 15, 2006

Jerome Bettis won the Super Bowl in 2006, served its purpose can be no doubt that thanks to Big Ben, the playoffs on the colt battle, the leading third of the Steelers offensive in the fourth quarter, never dropped the ball throughout the tournament Jerome Bettis off a chain critical moment, saw the colt back into attack quickly, but time enough to complete their first touchdown, when the Big Ben as Shenbingtianxiang, Qinsha angle of attack each other's back Wei Nick - Harper, kill each other's counter-offensive, although the Colts finally end the game advanced to a range of scores, but with 45 yards of the penalty does not enter the steel eventually win with Big Ben's magic show

6 43rd Super Bowl 27 Steelers 23 wins than the Cardinals on Feb. 1, 2009

You may have seen no less than 7,000 times the final lore Holmes (above), but before that, Fitzgerald 64 yards of the long-range attacks as well as Harrison's 100 yards through Hurricane spaces in touchdowns, and of course There's almost 13 points behind the Cardinals reversed all this, all interpretation of a classic Super Bowl, it was selected I would like no one disputes that.

5 Tuck rule Patriots win 17 to 13, Tampa Bay Buccaneers January 19, 2002

Now it seems still a very stupid rule, Previously you may have overlooked this unique NFL's rule, Dan Shi Brady's "out Qiu" own experiences, so that we deeply remember the Tuck rule this feature, of course, was that Game two in the snow in the fierce battle to overtime, also became the NFL has long been signs of the screen.

4 Monday night miracle jet 40 to 37 wins Miami Dolphins on Oct. 23, 2000

3 after the score was 30 to 7 lead dolphins, but the fourth quarter of a single score is 30 to 7, most wild jet completed a large counterattack; dolphins defense is very strong in that one season, while the previous two Competition is also true, jet almost can not advance the ball forward, 87-year draft pick jet had led the horn sounded offensive, jet in the final 15 minutes to complete the 20 First down. At 1 am for a long time Jet's John Hall completed a 40-yard penalty, eventually win the match.

3 Music City Miracle Titan 22 more than 16 wins Bill January 8, 2000

Steve Christie's free throws to Bill 16 seconds left in the game when leading by 16 to 15, but all Buffalo fans stunned or something happened, Kevin Dyson received Wycheck controversial raid 75 yards passing to complete lore Titan advance the playoffs!

2, the 34th Super Bowl, St. Louis Rams Tennessee Titans 23:16 victory on Jan. 30, 2000

Is Kevin Dyson, yes, it is his, only this time he is not a Terminator, and became extremely tragic, the gHockey jerseyame clock stopped when he reached almost the same time array, and a miracle almost in the same season, the same month on to happen again, but only just 1 yards, only 1 yard, ram linebacker Mike Jones completed the incredible Run out to Vince. Lombardy in the final to Vince. Lombardy Cup stayed in St. Louis.

1, the 42nd Super Bowl Patriots Giants win 17 to 14, February 3, 2008

Heartbroken Patriot fans all game, the whole season unbeaten, the mighty Patriots finally lost the last week of the regular season, has just beaten rival, the magic of small Manning, outside to take over David Tyree, Plaxico burress they jointly write this song the most accidents over the past decade NFL odds.

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Ten years of the classic NFL battle
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